Namaste & welcome to the journey i like to call Cittashanti…  As with many methods of Art, Science, Philosophy, and Music; Yoga techniques have been practiced for over 10,000 years making it one of the oldest known unbroken human sciences in existence today.  2,000 year old coins found in the Indus valley with the image of Shiva seated in Padmasana (a seated binded cross legged pose) prove that not only was Yoga practiced thousands of years ago but was revered enough to “coin” them into history.   For many years Yoga has held a mystical allure to the mass population. Practiced in forests and ashrams away from the inquisitive eyes of society only added to this mysticism.

In this modern day and age Yoga is finding a forum not only of a small magnitude but has become a truly modern movement, but can the mysticism of Yoga hold its appeal with so many gazing eyes?  Or is it a fad only to fade into another trendy cliche? It is my belief that Yoga has only just exposed a tip of its immense potential to us.  Only by practicing this ancient art can one know its potential as it works through experience.

“Yoga signifies the union of the individual soul with universal Consciousness” Gopi Krishna

Citta (the mind in its total collective state) Shanti (meaning serenity, peace) is Peace in Mind.  It is believed when the Citta (waves of the mind) has been quietened, the source, creativity, life, intuition or the soul, may be heard. Eastern philosophers have always believed the mind resides in the heart and now Western scientists are also are beginning to recognize & accept the amazing power of the wisdom of the body, finally there is a growing recognition between modern skeptics and age old beliefs that the mind is not just in the head, but also in the feelings (instincts) of oneself.  It has been found by having peace in mind “cittashanti” one finds themselves feeling more inclusion with the world, peace, understanding, compassion, love and shantiness within the heart & body… Enjoying life for what it is, the beings within it, the amazing energy coursing through it and just being here for the short time we are…

A Yoga practice helps one tune into this wisdom of the heart & mind, through understanding one self.  Join and share in discovering Yoga in Kommetjie or Constantia by clicking here for class schedule or click to contact… and be well on your journey… Namaste…


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