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Feeling Cosmic Waves…

June 24, 2012


The other day i was practising an asana that i just couldn’t wrap my head around, so I went to the resource i always goto to shed some light, Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar and whala the page i opened was exactly the asana i was practicing, it never fails to surprise me and […]

Chakra’s – Energy Within

May 20, 2012


Energy is something that is not easy to comprehend it is something can be felt such as a warming sensation in the embrace of another, or felt like fear from the barking of a dog.  What is this energy?  Energy is found within everything, it can be found as dense matter like rock or as […]

Develop your Discrimination Dammit!

April 29, 2012


In the last few weeks, i’ve come across many conversations debasing spiritual practices as a human folly of the mind.  Being a western educated individual i have a propensity to scientific perspectives, even after years of study of Yoga and exposure to eastern, spiritual, ritualistic, pagan, occult and religious practices.  My love for the unexplained is almost […]

From Focus to Bliss

February 25, 2012


Lately i’ve been on a hiatus of happiness after passing a very arduous exam that demanded ton’s of focus.   Amazingly life hasn’t changed much outwardly, but inwardly there has this amazing sense of freedom and possibility, its as if this focus on one subject once removed has allowed for parameters of perspective to widen and […]

The Mysterious Mandala

February 5, 2012


Beautiful video created by Secret Yoga, enjoy!

The Wrinkles of Existence…

January 21, 2012


I think there have been many books, theories, practices regarding this topic, letting go of the past.  This subject has entered my life as like many themes; within subtle conversation, and information… I find much of my practice is listening to themes and paying  attention enough to what is being raised, whether by the universe […]

Commercialization of Ancient Knowledge

December 8, 2011


The level of commercialization world wide has skyrocketed on so many levels whether commercialization of products, minerals, lands, rocks from lands, oil, animals, flora, fauna, water, and more recently information. Information is a very subtle precious commodity. It has been said “yesterday’s wisdom is today’s knowledge” yet increasingly it is alarming how yesterday’s beautiful wisdom has become […]


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