Yoga in High schools

We are dedicated to bring Yoga out of the studio and into the community.  Please find our services on our website Yoga at work.  Here is some feedback on Yoga outside the usual studio settings:

Yoga in High schools, Vancouver, British Columbia

This was a class given to Killarney High school students, the following is a letter received from the teacher:

Hi Amanda,
It was a real pleasure for both Melanie and I to have you in our classroom. It was a truly magical moment for me to see my classroom transformed into a yoga studio and to see students barefeet, cross-legged, on yoga mats instead of behind desks. You were very good with the students, and you knew how to work with their energies, their giggles and their moans and groans. We also appreciated that you took time to use individual students to model the proper techniques for the poses…. Several students came to express their appreciation for the class. One in particular, Alexis, was taken by the beautiful sounds of the sanskrit names. I look forward to working with you in the future. – Hari Gopaul, Killarney Highschool, Canada

Feedback from  other Various Settings:
Very dedicated yoga instructor makes complicated yoga moves very easy for students to learn’
‘Dedicated and reliable, would invite back to teach teenage students again’
‘Students remained engaged and interested throughout the class, fantastic opportunity for the kids to learn the yoga basics and challenge themselves’ – Tina Vaness Kehler, Vantech Highschool, Canada

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know the rave reviews I have received about the classes that you taught for us here at Durham Women’s Fitness. I would like to say thank you on behalf of the members and staff here.” – Angelika, Durham’s Women’s Fitness, Canada

If you would like to start a class in your community, workplace or add Yoga to your retreat, please contact us at or +27 076 918 2488

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