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Amanda Ramcharitar 

Amanda began her in-depth study of Yoga in India 10 years ago, it was here she studied with a wide variety of traditional Hatha Yoga teachers.  She completed her foundational teacher training in Rishikesh, India at Parmath Niketan Ashram over a 3 year span.  She was introduced to many forms of Yoga and learned the traditional Astanga Yogic system with an Iyengar Asana emphasis.  She is a certified Iyengar instructor and her classes include the Yogic philosophy, a variety of asana, vinyasa, conscious movement, restorative, breath exercises and techniques of meditation.

After leaving India Amanda followed her Yogic journey through many lands.  She was called to teach Yoga in Malaysia, studied with teachers in Australia, shared Yoga in New Zealand, back in her home country of Canada and now continues her journey and Yogic teaching in Cape Town, South Africa.

It is her belief that the Yogic philosophy answers many questions that pose modern day humanity, the earth & animals we share it with .  To be apart of a healthy earth one must first look within and develop a healthy mind, body and heart.  With this whole nature one can truly contribute to a harmonious, healthy life and planet.  It is her passion to be apart of sharing Yoga with others, to help find connection with oneself, each other and the nature we depend on.

Nicola Malvicini

Nicola has spent many years in the study of peace within.  On this journey he has picked up many ways of experiencing and expressing this space, through cooking, surfing, playing guitar, practicing and teaching Yoga and now writing.  It is his joy to share this space with all who he may meet along his path…  You can find his some of his writing articles on thezigzagger.

Amanda  & Nicola follow a syllabus of Yogic Asanas to educate new comers and seasoned practitioners by helping develop and further explore one’s Asana practice & delve into the facets of the human body and connect the mind with it.

Please contact us for more information:

C 076 918 2488 or yogacittashanti@gmail.com

If you may be interested in starting a Yoga class in your community or workplace,inquire with us.


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