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Hello Friends in Yoga,

South Africa has many amazing qualities, beautiful vista’s, an amazing multicultural mix of people, incredible wildlife, and still untouched wilderness.  The down side of South Africa is the conditions many people live in. Many of these conditions have been created by historical circumstance, politics and conditions throughout the rest of Africa.  To explain a little, South Africa is one of the bread baskets for many other African nations.  People of a many neighboring countries that are impoverished or searching for a better life try to be proactive and move to South Africa to make a living and send money to their native lands to support their communities throughout Africa.  South Africa is one of the places that provides opportunity that does not exist to a large extent in the other countries, thus making it a land of possibility and opportunity

However saying this, the conditions are fierce, there is extreme violence, poverty, horrendous living conditions, especially in townships where most African’s find themselves, this is to name just a few.  It is a border line time in South Africa, a time for Youth to face the many challenges they are facing.  But for many people its easier to ignore the situation,  what can 1 person do?  It is overwhelming when faced with the daunting task of what to do?  For myself after having Yoga in my life for many Years, i coming to understand the tremendous power Yoga holds, it empowers, it can heal, it can make strong, it can simplify, it can provide balanced health, it truly can make a difference because of the empowering and integrity based nature of this philosophy.   You can read here Yoga in Rwanda 001 (1) about a true incredible unfolding of what Yoga has done in the most destitute situation.

It has been my passion to try to bring Yoga to Youth for many years, it was one of the main reason’s i began my Yogic journey, to provide an alternative solution to the tremendous pressures for myself and others on the whole are facing throughout their life. I truly feel Yoga is one of the greatest medicines of life, it only needs to be shared.  If taught in the safety of a school environment, kids learn early the coping tools for life, Yoga has been found to lead to better concentration, healthier body/image, less violent tendencies, make better life choices, live positively and have a much wider outlook on life.  I believe the future of our planet depends on the vitality and belief in the Youth of today, especially a nation such as Africa which is suffering from poverty, AIDS, malaria, poor hygienic leading to a variety of diseases, lack of water, violence, drug use, alcoholism, rape,  it is like watching a sinking ship and only the ones with knowledge and means can throw a rope.

The wheels have been put into motion, I have recently been donated 25 used Yoga mats with the help of COS (Corporate Occupational Solutions), Sokul and Lulu Lemon in Canada.  Once contacting a shipping agent and asking them how they could ship this donation to a community organization, they have donated their shipping at their cost.  Mats are extremely expensive to find in South Africa and will make this project start, with this great equipment, the project is currently serving the Jones Safe House.  This house it serves disadvantaged people from women, teenagers to children of barely 6 months old to find their way again and create stability in the interim of hardships these people are facing.  The sessions will serve to share the benefits of Yoga and expose its strengths within this community so that all the people can experience the amazing benefits of Yoga.

CITTASHANTI IS SO HAPPY WE DID IT!!!!!!!!! We fundraised enough to ship the first mats!!! Thank you all who have supported this project!  Beyond getting the mats to South Africa, i hope to one day raise funds that will be used in the future training of local teachers.   My  hope for this grassroots initiative is be a part of creating a spark of consciousness, to be apart of creating positive change in a country that so badly needs it, to help be apart of nurturing a profession that will share health and wellbeing to segments of society that would never be exposed otherwise. I hope one day new upcoming teachers can teach a classes in townships and in local communities therefore not making this not just another non-profit organization but creating a much needed profession, and empowering people to serve their community, using an amazing tool of knowledge.

UPDATE: WE DID IT!!! WE raised $350 to ship the Yoga Mats!!! 

  (I’m sorry for the inconvenience but to donate I have used the service paypal, if you do not have an account with them, unfortunately you will have to create one, there is no hidden charges.  Strictly this service has been found the most secure way to work with this project donations for international friends & family, thank you again for help making it happen!)

Please stay tuned to this page to see the unfolding of events and news on the project you are supporting!  If you have any thoughts or questions surrounding this project please do not hesitate to myself.  I thank you for taking the time to read, support, donate and share this initiative with anyone who you may feel in tune with this project.

*Note: This project is temporarily suspended.

With love and peace,

Amanda Ramcharitar


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