Why choose Vegetarian? 


There is much debate on how to eat, what to eat and when to eat!  We are what we eat, the majority of animals that are eaten are herbivores so why not cut out the middle “animal”?   The conditions of industrial animal farming is alarming.  It is true we are apart of the food chain, but it seems that many of our fellow beings are suffering tremendously for this chain.  Just to be aware of the treatment of animals one eats is enough to make a difference, in addition to the consumption of a traditional meat based diet there is an abundance of beautiful grains, veggies, and non animal products to feed the world over. It is a known fact that in the same area of land to grow 1 animal, a huge amount of vegetables or grains can also be grown.


Concerning digestion, it seems as though it takes a very long time to digest meat which takes away from the work of giving the body important energy it really needs to be healthy.  There is many reason’s why Vegetarianism suits humans, but its important to come to the understanding by oneself so that one is never left feeling empty and starved.


 It feels so much better to be full of life and act from this fullness.  For us becoming Vegetarian was a natural transition, the body is lighter and seems to work optimally without stressing out the digestive system.  Fruits & veggies, grains & pulses are easy to digest, full of energy and are filling.  There is so many ways to make veggies, cooked, or eaten raw that i thought i would include some of the fast on the go snacks that get us through and make us happy to be vegetarian, check out some Vegan recipes here.

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