From Focus to Bliss

Posted on February 25, 2012


Lately i’ve been on a hiatus of happiness after passing a very arduous exam that demanded ton’s of focus.   Amazingly life hasn’t changed much outwardly, but inwardly there has this amazing sense of freedom and possibility, its as if this focus on one subject once removed has allowed for parameters of perspective to widen and the world looks bright, beautiful, possible and unlimited.  Bringing me to the question of why did this deep focus bring this effect?  And why does it seem that digression from focus feels so good?

In Yogic terms Focus/Concentration would be termed Dharana, for many practitioners of Yoga we practice this deep concentration in Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, regularly experiencing a deep feeling of relaxation after letting lose the reins of focus. However outside of Yoga people practice this deep concentration all the time, Musicians, Scientists, Scholars, Chefs, Builders, Atheletes the lists goes on and on.  Truly, Humans and Animals, in one form or another, practice Dharana.  Bringing me to the second question why does the after effects of this focus lead to feelings of illumination, “a job well done”, Savasana, Bliss, the first sip of wine?

This Dharana/Focus somehow leads us into expansion and release and whether we realize it or not have side effects…  Or is it that we’ve touched the Yogic termed Samadhi?  Where our mind has stopped distinguishing “between the object contemplated and the process of contemplation. The mind and the intellect have stopped and there is only the experience of consciousness, truth and unutterable joy.” W.Doran

I sometimes wonder why this cycle?  This constant going back and forth, a never ending romance of focus and release, why can’t it all be release?  In these questions i like to look to nature to inspire answers, so I contemplated with Momma Ocean and the answer i received was, there are many many things dependent on our Mother Ocean, animals, weather, cleansing, supporting the land, yet there are times of soft tidal ebbs and flows where life can be at rest, to develop, to give birth and then there times of great tidal movement and concentrated storms, where cleansing, washing, circulating happens, all equally necessary to the functioning of the planet.

This metaphor related to our lives can be thought of in the same way, our deep focus is needed to bring newness, to clear pathways, and open channels for understanding and growth, but we also need the time to assimilate these understandings, to breathe, to rest to prepare for the next birth and to live in joy and peace…. Bliss for sometime…

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