Beautiful 5 Day Cleanse/Fast

Posted on April 11, 2012


When practicing Hatha Yoga, many of us become more and more conscious of choices we make and how things are affecting us inside and out.  One of the biggest choices we make every day is to eat; what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and with whom.  This can lead to habitual choices and unfortunately where stagnation and inertia can stem from. As well the body and mind can do with a break from constant digestion.

So two weeks ago I decided to do cleanse/fast.  More so to give my inner body a break.  Surprisingly i had some amazing effects on my body and mind when I took food, coffee and sugar out of the equation.  After some careful research, I intuitively developed this 5 day cleanse, one that was very gentle and natural to my system.  There is many ways to do a cleanse/fast but being a Yogini, I wholeheartedly believe in listening to the body and being kind to it and this one was simple enough for me, here it is…

Day 1: Water, 100% juice, herbal tea, raw fruits & vegetables

Day 2: Water, juice, water from boiled vegetables, herbal tea

Day 3: Water

Day 4: Water, 100% juice, herbal tea, water from boiled vegetables

Day 5: Water, herbal tea, fruits, juice, soup

As well I was sure to eliminate all preservatives, additives, dairy, onion, garlic, salt, spices and sugar.  (These all affect the digestive system in various ways)

Coming off the fast, the first breakfast was Yogurt (to promote healthy bacteria in tummy), oats and fruits. For the few days after, gentle easy food such as rice and lentils.

During the fast, the first day I had some hectic headaches while the caffeine was working out of the system, but from that moment on it was mental discipline practice, very funny seeing myself react to food, food smells good!!  By the water day, my body was feeling quite light, as well as my head! Note: do not drink 100% juice undiluted after water day, I was nauseous for 4 hours.

The Overall effects? Physically I have felt a great boost in energy, it feels like as though I’ve tapped back into a true source of natural energy helping me to kick out the caffeine & sugar.   There is now less physical cravings and I love that I’m not tired when I wake up and looking for coffee.  As well there is a new sense of lightness adding greatly to my Yoga practice.  Mentally, without the energy highs & lows I’ve found more clarity in thoughts and balanced feeling…

Although I’m not a proponent of extremes, this fast has made me a believer in cleansing, I highly recommend a natural resetting for the system such as this. A fast can help one feel the true effects of how and which food affects one’s mood, body, energy and come closer to what is working for you and against…