Being your Truth in Asana & Beyond

Posted on August 2, 2012


The other day i was in a car ride with some very vibrant and truth speaking women and someone mentioned about how she encountered a woman who was giving her a hard time, but dismissed it as she was speaking her truth, it is the age of being in truth we concluded.  It was an interesting statement that sat with me for awhile.

Recently i’ve been teaching in my Yoga classes the magic of positive internal dialogue, thanks to a lovely article by Kino McGregor.  It comes often on the path of Yoga that we face challenging postures that we automatically dismiss as beyond our reach, this being a very real chance to see duality within, the negative and positive, fear and courage, dark and light, moon and sun, soul and mind.  Of course in Asana we are aiming to be in complete inner stillness, but let it not escape us, the fact that thoughts come in fluctuating waves and it is in this we truly see the nature of our mind.

It was only until a few days later when I was attending a very strong Asana class both idea’s truly become embodied.  This came in under intense hamstring openings, when the thoughts began to whirl, the inner dialogue began, “why am i doing this to myself?”, i heard my inner challenge, i breathed through, i willed up positivity, i heard myself say “this is just one of many experiences, what would i rather be doing, sitting on a couch?” and there it was pushing through the dialogue came utter focus, a break through in the mind, a flowing river of offering to myself, a FEELING of truth.

It was in my Savasana after this practice, came the memory of the conversation in the car of speaking one’s truth, I realized its not about only speaking truth, but when we feel it then we know what truth is, to feel it in our action’s, in our Asana, in our inner dialogue, in our outer dialogue, the dualities merge, the dark and light, and then there we are, Being in Truth.

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