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Posted on October 11, 2012


Foundations of Yoga Online Course

This course is being developed to offer first time Yoga seekers the chance to practice Yoga at one’s own speed and gather the fundamental basics of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga has become worldwide craze and sometimes it can get confusing with all the options of classes available just where to begin.  Within the Hatha Yoga system there is some key basics to know that is invaluable in a long term practice.

The first thing that many people are attracted to in Hatha Yoga are the Asana’s (postures).  It is here that we will begin this foundational online course.  The course is broke into 4 weeks but is open for use for 3 months of use.  Each video will introduce a number of the core Asana (postures) that are the foundation of the Hatha Yoga practice.  These postures can be found in most disciplines of Hatha Yoga, therefore making this course a great place for you to begin your exploration of Yoga.  With each subsequent video, a brief explanatory video will be provided that speaks on the underlying philosophy so that anyone who takes this course will feel well informed and confident when attending classes and furthering their Yoga exploration.

There is no replacement for a good Yoga teacher, however from personal experience I have learned tons from online forum’s, courses, articles, and video’s and with the all the information out there, i hope this course will excite, simplify, educate, and ignite passion for this beautiful practice.  I am so happy to share some of my passion for Yoga with you and I look forward to supporting you on this journey.

This course is offered by donation payment, once payment has been received a welcome email with further information will be sent out for you to begin!


Please contact for more information!  Thank you and Namaste…

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