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Yoga and Pregnancy

October 28, 2014


Pregnancy & Yoga Pregnancy and Yoga by Amanda Ramcharitar,, twitter cittashanti I just wanted to write a short post on my experience of my first pregnancy and being a Yoga teacher.  I researched extensively other Yoga for women and came to find that in the experience of pregnancy there is a huge variety of […]

Being your Truth in Asana & Beyond

August 2, 2012


The other day i was in a car ride with some very vibrant and truth speaking women and someone mentioned about how she encountered a woman who was giving her a hard time, but dismissed it as she was speaking her truth, it is the age of being in truth we concluded.  It was an […]

Chakra’s – Energy Within

May 20, 2012


Energy is something that is not easy to comprehend it is something can be felt such as a warming sensation in the embrace of another, or felt like fear from the barking of a dog.  What is this energy?  Energy is found within everything, it can be found as dense matter like rock or as […]

Commercialization of Ancient Knowledge

December 8, 2011


The level of commercialization world wide has skyrocketed on so many levels whether commercialization of products, minerals, lands, rocks from lands, oil, animals, flora, fauna, water, and more recently information. Information is a very subtle precious commodity. It has been said “yesterday’s wisdom is today’s knowledge” yet increasingly it is alarming how yesterday’s beautiful wisdom has become […]

Dedication vs Freedom

November 9, 2011


All through life we are confronted with the idea to succeed, commitment to goals, responsibility….  For so many of us this challenge makes us want to run for the hills, to tear off the shoes, suits and ties and walk barefoot in the grass,  live with no rules and experience what it means to be well… FREE! […]

Tara the Star Goddess & first Philosophical Feminist

August 1, 2011


In the Hindu philosophy the goddess or rather Devi, Tara (Sanskrit: Tārā, Devanagari: तारा) means “star”. As the star is seen as a beautiful but perpetually self-combusting thing, so Tara is perceived at core as the absolute, unquenchable hunger that propels all life.  She bears resemblance to that of the female Goddess Kali or Durga, the Goddesses that rescue goodness and destroys […]

Yoga Philosophy & Weightloss

July 13, 2011


Last week I had many phone calls regarding Yoga classes, usually i go through a couple questions just to get the background of the students experience and motivation for beginning Yoga.  In all these phone calls i had almost all the same answer “to become more active and to lose weight”.  I have found through experience most […]