Hatha Yoga Guidelines

The qualities demanded from a Yoga aspirant are discipline, faith, tenacity, and perseverance to practise regularly without interruptions”

BKS Iyengar

Hatha Yoga

Here is few guidelines for Asana class & practice, we hope they are helpful:

  • The Hatha Yoga practice was developed to bring balance and peace between the Mind (Moon) and the Soul (Sun).
  • The best time to practice is either early morning or late evening, asana’s do not come easily in the morning, but the mind is fresh. Stiffness is removed with regular morning practice.  In the evening practice, the body moves more freely and can remove fatigue and bring freshness & calmness
  • In all Asana’s breathing is done through the nostrils
  • Asanas should be preferably done on an empty stomach, or one hour after a light meal, allow at least 4 hours after a heavy meal
  • Before practise the bladder should be empty and bowels evacuated
  • Please be respectful of other people’s practice and dedication and arrive to class at least 5 minutes before the class scheduled time
  • At the beginning of each class a subtle understanding is introduced whether physically or philosophically, please try to be mindful of this to be apart of this connection and get the most of your class time
  • The Hatha Yoga practice has been passed down through thousands of years with sacredness and it has found you!  It truly is a blessing to share in this practice.  Keep in mind every time you begin your practice you are connected to Yogi’s understanding from thousands of years before, it is an ancient tradition worthy of our respect and gratitude.
  • It is with this attitude we come to Yoga, with our full integrity.  This integrity connects us to the core of our being. This is Yoga.
  • After completing the practise always lie down in Savasana, this is where the benefits of asana become assimilated in the body, mind & spirit.  A Yoga practice is not a Yoga practice without Savasana.
  • The right practice brings lightness and exhilaration in the body and a feeling of oneness of body, mind and soul.
  • Yoga is a lifelong practice; a continuous Yoga practice will change the outlook and life of a practioner if one allows it. This unique practice will help you uncover facets in character, body and being.  Enjoy the expansion and persevere when times become cloudy.  This practice is like the ocean; it comes in ebbs & flows of understanding.
  • Most importantly be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself.  This is the utmost state of consciousness we can strive for within and hope to share outward; this is the fruit of an integrated practice.
  • Please contact us for any clarifications and questions.

With Love and Peace